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Pros and Cons of Internet Shopping
by: Ken Austin
Online shopping has become a regular pastime of Americans. Not only is home shopping convenient for most people it also provides much more variety in a smaller amount of time than driving around town might produce.

However, internet shopping has its pros and cons just as anything other advance of technology does. Online shoppers should be careful and aware that just because they feel anonymous while shopping, they may not always be.

Pros of Discount Shopping Online and Other functions of Internet Shopping:

1. Most people can generally find what they are looking for online just as easy if not easier than finding it at the local department store.

2. Variety is more diverse since the market is global and not local.

3. Prices are sometimes negotiable online since the products might be sold by individuals or auctions.

4. Items are more generally lower priced due to the high percentage of auctions and discount sites.

Cons of Discount Shopping Online and Other functions of Internet Shopping:

1. Shipping costs occur 90% of the time, sometimes bringing the discounted price back up to the normal price of the same item found locally at a department store.

2. Descriptions on bid sites and online auctions may not be accurate. Sometimes sellers will talk up their item in order to sell it.

3. Refunds are not as accessible and may not always be possible when conducting online shopping.

4. Payment devices may not be secure, allowing access to more people than simply the seller, or abused access by the seller.

Internet shopping can be very useful and very convenient, however the individual thinking about using a discount shopping online should carefully weigh the pros and cons before ruling out the local market. Common sense can save you a lot of money online, and when in doubt just log off and go the old fashion route of shopping locally.

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